Private Coaching 

Coaching is a partnership focused on change. Each and every one of us has patterns we struggle to see, because we are so close to them. A coach is a mirror, someone to reflect back to us a new, fresh, and enlightened perspective. 

The goal of coaching is to shift our thoughts, feelings, and behavior so that we can ultimately see the results that we desire in our lives. Coaching helps us leverage our strengths and gifts, propelling us to take action from a place of inspiration. Coaching supports us in moving through ambivalence, and in getting clear and focused, so we can step into our most fulfilled lives. 

As a therapist & coach working in top mental health and addiction treatment centers over the past decade, I have extensive training in the most cutting edge interventions for change. I have a deep understanding of the psychology of behavior and motivation, and the practical & spiritual tools to help you apply this knowledge in your life. 

I bring all of these skills into my coaching with clients. I meet you right where you are; and together, we change the story about what is possible for you.  Here is the secret: you already have everything you need within you. I just help you unlock the answers for yourself.

I have had the honor of partnering with thousands of individuals over the past 15 years to support them in their transformational process. I have been privileged to witness the healing, growth, and expansion that comes from this work. I believe this is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your life. Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, create healthier life practices, achieve a specific goal, or navigate life changes, I am here to support you with an individualized approach to meet your specific needs. 

I reserve a select number of private coaching spots for those individuals who are committed to this process. My coaching sessions are done virtually via video platforms. 

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