Private Coaching 

Coaching is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Enlisting the support of a coach who is skilled, aligned, and fully supportive of our vision can be the first of many powerful steps that transform our lives. I can honestly say, I have never had a client not feel private coaching was one of the best investments they have ever made.

Many people ask me why I am a coach now, after working in therapeutic settings for all of those years? Well, I was a therapist for most of my career, and have gone to therapy off and on my whole life, and still whole-heartedly believe in it. Therapy is an amazing and miraculous process. You should try it if you haven’t yet!

But my heart was repeatedly drawn to a model of coaching.

I found that many times clients understood the past and how they had arrived at their current state in life, but they still struggled to move forward in the inspired way they dreamed of.

Coaching is a partnership aimed at forward movement.

A coach is a mirror, an accountability partner, a supporter of your goals, a challenger of your limiting beliefs, a co-author of a new story about what is possible for you.

In coaching I get to play a much more active role in supporting you - sharing tools, anecdotes, stories, and examples from my own life that I have found to be profoundly helpful to the people I serve.

As a clinician who spent a decade working in top mental health and addiction treatment centers, I have extensive training in the most cutting edge interventions for change. I have a deep understanding of the psychology of behavior and motivation, and the practical & spiritual tools to help you apply this knowledge in your life. 

I use many of these skills in my coaching work with clients. I meet you right where you are; and together, we change the story about what is possible for you.

Here is the secret: you already have everything you need within you. I just help you unlock the answers for yourself.

I have had the honor of partnering with thousands of individuals over the past 17 years to support them in their transformational process. Whether you are looking to improve your relationships or find love, or create healthier life practices, achieve a specific goal, or navigate life changes, I am here to support you with an individualized approach to meet your specific needs. 

I reserve a select number of private coaching spots for those individuals who are committed to this process. My coaching sessions are done virtually via video platforms. To connect to see if my private coaching offerings are right for you, lick the link below.

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