Tiffany Louise

Professional Coach, Speaker, Author

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This Year I Will

It’s HERE!! My book, This Year I Will…: A 52-Week Guided Journal to Achieve Your Goals, is available on Amazon. Click the link below to order your copy now!


Hello, I'm Tiffany

Hello! I’m Tiffany Louise.  I’m a Professional Coach, Speaker, and Author. I care deeply about people living their healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful lives. I believe that when we shift our thoughts, we can transform how we feel and act, and create a foundation for the growth we all want to experience. My work is all about supporting you in this process. Click below to learn more...



Work with Me


There are times in our lives when we feel called to evolve and grow, and we need someone to hold the light for us as we step out on our path. A coach can be a mirror, someone to reflect back to us a new, fresh, and enlightened perspective. The goal of coaching is to shift our thoughts, feelings, and behavior so that we can ultimately see different results. Click here to learn more about coaching with me!



Please join me on my channel where I share videos with tools, mindset shifts, lessons, and learnings that have changed my life, and that I use in my work with my clients.



For the past decade I've been speaking as a clinician in some of the top treatment centers in the country, as a spokesperson representing wellness brands, and with high profile corporate clients as a behavioral health expert. Click here to learn more about my existing keynote topics and programs that could be of service to you, or let's connect personally to develop a subject relevant to your audience...



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