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This Year I Will

Don’t just dream about your goals―achieve them.

This is your year. This year you will grow. This year you will set goals―and meet them. This journal will guide you there.

This Year I Will is your personal guided journal to realizing your greatest achievements. Over the course of 52-weeks, you will zero-in on what is most important to you, set goals, and celebrate success every step of the way. Keeping your journey on track with week-by-week prompts and questions, this guided journal makes sure you’ll never lose your way to becoming the person you want to be.

With this guided journal, you will…

  • Get Started―Identify your core values and set goals to work toward this year.

  • Track Your Progress―Stay on track and record your accomplishments, challenges, feelings, and thoughts along the way.

  • Get There, and Keep Growing―Reflect on how far you’ve come and don’t forget to celebrate yourself!

Explore new places. Learn new things. Start an exercise routine. Whatever you set your sights on, this guided journal will help you manifest your dreams.